2016 Vendor Wishlist


As night market foodies, we have compiled a list of top ten foods items we would LOVE to see this year. We have seen these, squealed in delight, and awaited in baited breath for someone to please sell it at our night markets. May this inspire you to jump up and sign up PRONTO, for we are waiting for you! Here is our list:

Tis the season where unicorns make rainbow foods! There are rainbow bagels in New York, rainbow grilled cheese sandwich in Hong Kong, rainbow latte, rainbow heart cookies, ice cream and more.  Who’s going to be the first to introduce this to ravenous foodies at the night market? Photos from ThisisColossal, @hkfoodiexblogger, Popsugar,  and Eugenie’s Kitchen.




Taiwanese Sweet Yam Balls
Seen at many night markets in Taiwan, these yam balls look plain at first sight. However, after they are freshly fried on the spot, each crispy bite is sweet, chewy and absolutely delicious- bringing back memories of humid summer nights in Taiwan to many. Photos from Bake Cook & Love , Rum & Kisses



Japanese Cherry Blossom Meringue Cookies
These looks so pretty and must taste delicious! A video of how to make them is HERE.


Churro Ice Cream Bowls
There was waffle ice cream cones, then there was the Puffle (hong kong waffle) ice cream, now it’s CHURRO ice cream bowls! Drooling! Photo from Buzzfeed.




Quail Egg Skewers 
A popular street food from China, these quail eggs are tasty and sprinkled with spices and chilies. A variety of flavor combinations are possible with this dish!




Cake Push Pops
These cake push pops are also perfect to eat while walking around the night market! Delicate and creative layering and decorations will be protected by the tube and eating it is tons of fun. Photos from DCDiningGuide.com and PushPopIdeas.com




Korean Fried Cauliflower
Known as K.F.C at Hong Kong’s Yardhouse, this fried cauliflower packs a fiery and ketchup-y punch that lulls one into a steep addiction. Photo from Tulsa Food




Khanom bueang (Thai Street Crepe)
A popular street food in Thailand. They resemble tacos, but are made from rice flour rather than corn flour. Khanom buang are usually first topped or filled with coconut cream, followed by sweet or savory toppings such as shredded coconut, Fios de ovos (known as foi thong, Thai: ฝอยทอง, pronounced [fɔ̌j tʰɔ̄ːŋ]) or egg yolks, or chopped scallions. They are thin and crispy, with a juicy interior. Photo from HuluTrip

Khanom bueang



Pork Belly Rice Burger
Pork belly + rice burger. Need we say more? Get in our bellies/night markets!



Elaborate and Delicate Japanese Desserts
Literally everything in this IMGUR post, we want. Gratuitous photos below. Enjoy (and pick one to sell please)!

Cat parfaits

Cherry blossom paw treatsFish Glass SweetsFlower dessertFlower dessert2Glass sweetsGoldfish jellylollipoplollipop2Marshmallow for coffeeMatcha chocolate covered strawberriesMilky Way gelatinSakura jellySakura mochiSweet jewelsSweets artTotoro Tarts

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