5 Foods to Share w/ Your Sqaud at the Last OC Night Market this Weekend: August 25-27

By Ugne Hwang

OC Night Market is coming back for one last time this season with a more spacious layout and even more food, merchandise, art, and craft vendors. Since the vendor directory is already up on ocnightmarket.com, it’s time to plan this weekend’s eats. I’ll be attacking the Night Market with my squad cause what better way to bond than sharing a meal? Also, that way we can divide and conquer by splitting up and standing in different queues to get more variety of food and drinks! Here’s a list of easily shareable grubs that you’ll find at the August 25-27th OC Night Market. Some of them I’ve tried and am craving for again, some I’ll be getting for the first time.

  1. Rakken Tacos Garlic Crab Fries

Rakken Tacos
I’m a huge fan of anything potato, so loaded fries are sure to catch my eye. Perfectly crunchy with delicious garlic mayo and a generous serving of crab, these bad boys take fries to the next level. Not the healthiest of foods, but very delicious, so share the guilt with your squad. This vendor also serves pho fries if you’re not a fan of crab! Oh, you can get $1 off the garlic crab fries with this handy OC Night Market coupon card!

  1. Lobsterdamus Lobster Nachos

lobsterdamus 2

I’ve tried Lobsterdamus lobster before and it was absolutely delicious. Very fresh, juicy, and buttery! But I love carbs and am extremely excited to try their lobster nachos. Great for sharing, these crispy nachos are covered in lobster, cheese, some veggies and sauce!

  1. Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

This is a Taiwanese night market staple and I am looking forward to trying the large fried chicken from Hot Star! This vendor freshly double bread the chicken by hand to make sure every tender, juicy bite starts with a crispy, flaky crunch! With a piece so big, you’ll want to split it with your squad.

  1. Norigami Tacos

At this point we should all be pretty stuffed, but there’s always room for sushi! This time we’re getting something new– sushi tacos from Norigami. Fresh fish, veggies and rice, wrapped with dried seaweed (nori) and topped with sauce. Can’t go wrong with that! Have everybody on your squad get different sushi tacos, that way you can try out all the different flavors! I heard the favorites are Hawaiian poke, shrimp tempura, and crispy whole soft shell crab. Also, get $1 off if you purchase a sushi taco + a musubi!

  1. The Milky Way Ice Cream Tacos

For dessert, we are planning to grab a few ice cream tacos from The Milky Way. I’ve heard they’re rolling out activated coconut charcoal waffle cones! Also curious to try OH BAE- ice cream taco with edible GOLD! And of course Night Market experience is not complete without something super colorful, so Rainbow Unicorn ice cream taco is a must!

Surely by now our bellies are going to be happy and full, so we’re going to check out some arts, crafts, and see what cool/cute merchandise there is to get. What vendor are you and your squad excited to try out this weekend?






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