Video: 6 Unexpected Foods at the Night Market

We explored the 626 Night Market to find its most unique and unexpected foods! This video only barely scratches the surface on the surprising foods that can be found at the night market, but we’d say it’s a pretty good start. Nutella wontons, shark tacos, uni cream tater tots and burritos, and mochi puffs with coconut cream filling! Yum!

Featured vendors: Grubco, La Sriracha Macha, LotZa Tots, Mama Musubi

Produced by: Aileen Xu
Edited by: Tiger Souvannakoumane
Shot by: Tiger Souvannakoumane, Avery Xie

Upcoming Events:

626 Night Market
Fri & Sat, August 15-17
Fri & Sat, September 12-14
@ Santa Anita Park

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