626 Night Market on Sky Link TV Talk Show

This one’s for the Mandarin speakers out there—626 Night Market was invited to a talk show on Sky Link TV with the beautiful host Charlene Shen, and Jonny and I went on the show to represent. Personally, I was terrified that we had to speak Mandarin (why didn’t I pay more attention in Chinese school?) but I’m so thankful for the opportunity. We talked about our backgrounds, how the night market started, our upcoming 626 Night Markets at Santa Anita Park, and the future of 626 Night Market. Afterwards, we met some of the team behind Sky Link TV and everyone was so warm, welcoming, and complimenting us for the work we’ve done for 626 Night Market. Honestly, hearing those kind words of support from our community are what lifts us up so much. The 626 Night Market team is so grateful to know that what we do makes an impact on others’ lives and that we’re doing something that people appreciate. Hopefully we can continue to grow and spread what we do. Thank you all for the support thus far!

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