626 Night Market partners up with VC’s L.A. Asian Pacific Film Festival




The 626 Night Market is proud to be partnering with Visual Communications for the 29th edition of the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. We are a community partner for the documentary film XMAS WITHOUT CHINA which is showing on Sunday, May 5th.

Be sure to check out some of the other events happening during the film festival.

The 626 Night Market team members have close ties with Visual Communications and the film festival serving as interns and volunteers since 1999!

VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS, the nation’s premier Asian Pacific American media arts center, established the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film & Video Festival in 1983 as a vehicle to promote Asian and Asian Pacific American cinema. The Festival has grown from its humble beginnings as a weekend-long series into a major annual showcase presenting the best of Asian Pacific American and Asian international media in the United States.

XMAS WITHOUT CHINA: Upon seeing anti-China sentiment in the news and media, Tom, a Chinese American son of small business owners challenges his community. Alicia Dwyer’s documentary XMAS WITHOUT CHINA follows one family, the Jones’, as they try to make holiday memories with products that do not have a “Made In China” label.

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