626 Night Market Top 10 Wish List of 2015


As night market foodies, we have compiled a list of top ten foods items we would LOVE to see this year. We have seen these, squealed in delight, and awaited in baited breath for someone to please sell it at our night markets. May this inspire you to jump up and sign up PRONTO, for we are waiting for you! Here is our list:

1. Shingen Mochi “Water Cake” from Japan
This jelly-like mochi “cake” is served with sugar syrup and kinako, a roasted soybean flour. Currently the only place to buy it is in Japan and the line to get this beautiful food-from-the-future is one hour, after a mountain climb- after a two hour drive. Image the selling possibilities. Even easier, here are instructions to make it! Youtube video with vague instructions, but we’re sure you can figure it out with some experimentation. Take it a few steps further with several different traditional wet and dry toppings, maybe even embedded fruits or flavorings… Did someone say “add boba”?

2. Fried Maple Leaves from Japan

image credit: Hisakuni-Sen Do

Another much-hyped food item from Japan that got us out of our seats are these wonderfully crispy maple leaves. You can eat maple leaves?? Apparently yes, and we would love to eat it.
Recipes from a blogger James Wong here.

3. Cotton Candy Dance / Milk Tea Dance / Just DANCE!

Do you love to make food and dance to some bumping beats at a hoppin’ night market to a large audience, all around clapping (and cheering?), AND make some $$? Then pick an awesome food item that can be made with a few smooth moves and get your groove on at our night markets!

4. Instant Ice Cream Rolls from Thailand

People love watching their food being made- especially at the night market on a hot summer night! Grab an ice table, some spatulas, and get going! You’ll need several ice tables to keep up with the demand… don’t just bring one.

5. Artsy Candies from China

If you love to doodle, here’s a great item to sell! Again, if you do it, bring other doodler friends and several ice tables to keep up with demand. 😉

5. CHURROS (specialty)


Everyone loves churros! Warm, cinnamonny, sugary goodness. We’ve been hoping for someone to come in and offer a wide range of churros: churros with melted chocolate for dipping, churros topped with ice cream, oreo flavored churrosstuffed churros, shaped into hearts, fancy crazy churros, churro ice cream sandwiches — the variety is endless! Best thing is they never go out of style.

7. Deep Fried Sriracha


Deep fried whaaat? Created by Amy on her blog and featured on Thrillist. We gotta have this.

8. Food in Cones (specialty)


According to thrillist’s article, this show-stopper is made of “Cajun buttermilk-battered fried chicken, bleu cheese coleslaw, Water Street Brewery Oktoberfest beer-candied bacon, a homemade rosemary cornmeal waffle cone, and Water Street Brewery Honey Lager maple syrup.” Drool.. Don’t stop there — have bacon sprinkled mac & cheese cones, pizza cones, pasta cones, and more!

9. Sannakji / Live Octopus (산낙지)


Let’s kick up the novelty with this Korean delicacy — live octopus. These tentacles are the most interesting things to eat. If you can stomach (or leverage) the media and cry from animal lovers, this dish will garner an endless crowd of curious and adventurous customers and a storm of media attention. As they say in Hollywood: there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

10. Crickets and Scorpions from Beijing Night Market

If live octopus is too out-there for you, maybe try a less controversial group of items: bugs. Scorpions, crickets, silk worms… you name it! Guaranteed to draw a crowd!

*BONUS* 11. A Frankenstein of Waffle + Donut + Ramen + Tater Tots + Burger!

Chocolate-dipped Glazed Doughnuts Stuffed With Cookie Dough

Who are we kidding, our desires can’t be limited to 10! Now let’s pull back and ask for something that’s more familiar. After cronuts craze from last year, there seem to be an upsurge of fusion foods combining all different kind of comfort ingredients. It’s now gone crazy like some food scientist gone nuts in the foodland. All equally mouth-watering. With fans going nuts over it. And increasingly crazy. All are welcome! The “wonut” (donut + waffle), chocolate-dipped glazed donuts stuffed with cookie dough, a bacon-jalapeno grilled cheese made of waffles that’re made of tator tots, this parmesan cronut burger (croissant+donut+burger), “Ramnuts” (ramen+donuts), Waffle Donuts, and hey, if you have a 3D printer sitting around, the Taco Donut.

Parmesan Cronut Burger
Ramen Donuts (Ramnuts)


*BONUS* 12. Honey Butter Chips from Korea

honey butter craze

This special bag of honey butter chips caused such a craze from Korea that it has taken the media by storm — and we’re all itching to try it over here in the U.S. Street vendors in Korea are spotted making the chips fresh from their street carts, no doubt in all its piping hot, crunchy, and delicious glory. So can you! Please bring it over here!


If you’re planning to bring ANY of these items this year, we want to hear from you! Here is our awesome hotline number: Patricia at (626) 327-4739. Call us NAO.

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