A=Americanized, B=Better, C=Chinese: the ABCs of Chinese restaurants in the SGV

Photos by Albert Lu

We need to share this insightful article from The Alhambra Source by Joe Soong, Community Contributor. We’re sure many of our readers in the 626 already adhere to a similar restaurant rating system for SGV Chinese restaurants!

Some choice quotes:

“In inauthentic Chinese restaurants, the wait staff will make pleasant small talk and will periodically check up on you to see how you are doing.  This may not be the case in a real Chinese restaurant.  So, if you don’t see your waitress again until it’s time for the check, don’t worry, it’s not personal.”

“In a real Chinese restaurant, the menu was probably created by the same person who hired the wait staff, ordered the vegetables from the wholesaler, and who looked at you like you were an idiot when you asked him if he could take the chicken out of the Kung Pao Chicken because you are a vegetarian. Remember, in a real Chinese restaurant, the customer is right only some of the time.”

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