August 626 Night Market Sneak Peek!

Wow. Just wow. Last month’s night market was off the hook, breaking all attendance records across the board. Thank you all for coming out and spending the awesome Fourth of July weekend with us, we would spend it with no one else but with you guys and thousands of scrumptious, drool-inducing food selections! If you’ve been eyeing a certain item but was too full or couldn’t get to it in time, here’s another opportunity to jump in and SNAG it!
–> Pro tip- “Time Surf” tactic: Come early for the uber-popular food items first when there’s little to no line, then take your time trying the other food vendors. You CAN have it all!
–> Or even better, time surf with your friends: “Divide and Conquer”: Split up, tackle several booths at once and re-group to share the items together. Lots more food to try, less wait times. (Get more pro tips HERE)

Another round of serious fooding is yet again right around the corner and the food selections are getting even more epic (Bruce Lee whaaat?)! Here’s a sneak peek of yummies for August Night Market (August 7~9) at Santa Anita Racetrack:

1. BRUCE LEE’s own special tea blend (Bruce Tea @ C6 & C7)
Taste: BRUCE TEA is inspired by Bruce Lee’s unique recipes. As part of his daily practice, Bruce Lee blended tea with ginseng, royal jelly and honey. His daughter, Shannon Lee, made BRUCE TEA using his original recipe, incorporating other ingredients he frequently used to create each flavor. She and her team invite you to share #goodenergy at their 626 Night Market debut!

Meet Bruce Lee’s Daughter: Shannon Lee will be holding a Meet & Greet to say hello to everyone at her booth at C6 & C7 on Saturday (8/8), 7pm-10pm. Come by to say hi!

Enter Sweepstakes: BRUCE TEA is giving three winners a year’s supply of BRUCE TEA with the Good Energy Contest. The grand prize winner will also receive an exclusive piece of the legacy: a 10K gold replica of the medallion Bruce Lee wears. Total prize value: $3750!

To enter: 1) follow @brucetea on Instagram 2) post photo showing how BRUCE TEA adds to your #goodenergy; 3) use the hashtag #626brucetea to complete your entry.

GOOD ENERGY. Bruce Lee embodied it. BRUCE TEA gives it. Win a yrs supply of BRUCE TEA and a 10K replica medallion.
GOOD ENERGY. It’s what Bruce Lee embodied. It’s what BRUCE TEA gives.
To enter —>

Watch Wing Chun in motion: In spirit of Bruce Lee, there will also be an authentic Wing Chun demonstration by world-famous Gary Lam and his team (Facebook link) on stage at 6pm on Saturday (8/8). Don’t miss it! It’s a Bruce Lee party peeps!!

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Bruce Tea

2. Shingen Mochi Water Cake! Flashing Cotton Candy Flowers! Egg Pudding inside Egg! (Sweet Garden & Girls @ D26)
It’s here it’s here!! One of the top items on our wishlist this year is the Japanese Shingen Mochi “Water Cake”. Not only are the nice folks from Sweet Garden & Girls bringing this treasure, but they are also making flashing artisan cotton candy flowers (watch how it’s made by this Chinese vendor Youtube video), egg pudding cooked inside an egg, and much more delights!


Water Cake
Shingen Mochi “Water Cake”

3. Fruits filled with fruit sorbet (AB Sorbet @ D25)
Their sorbet is handmade using fresh California grown fruits. Each fruit is hollowed out and the pulp is hand-mixed to produce a creamy, vegan, refreshing, fat free and all natural sorbet. The fruit shells are then paired with this fine frozen dessert, creating an environmentally friendly sorbet filled fresh fruit.



Strawberry Sorbet inside an orange fruit shell.
Strawberry Sorbet inside
an orange fruit shell.

4. Sriracha Lobster Mac & Cheese & Lobster Parm Fries (Sunset Catering @ F32)

Up and coming Chef Wayne Magnusen is quickly getting his name out at festivals throughout Southern California, serving up spectacular restaurant dishes such as Filet Mignon to Chilean Sea bass at festivals from LA to San Diego. Every festival is a new menu, catering to guests for the best dining experience under the sun or stars. Try out their Lobster Garlic Parm Fries with Lemon Sriracha Aioli or mack down on the The Lobster Mac made in small batches from scratch all night market long. They will also serve traditional New Orleans style Beignets now with NUTELLA. Yum Yum and Yum!

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Sriracha Lobster Mac & Cheese - Lobster throughout and topped with a claw, our chefs house made cheese sauce will make you not want to share.
Sriracha Lobster Mac & Cheese – Lobster throughout and topped with a claw, our chefs house made cheese sauce will make you not want to share.
Beignets- French doughnuts popular from the New Orleans French Quarter scene. They are a light pillowy dough, crispy on the outside covered with a mountain of powdered sugar and with a side of strawberry compote.
Beignets- French doughnuts popular from the New Orleans French Quarter scene. They are a light pillowy dough, crispy on the outside covered with a mountain of powdered sugar and with a side of strawberry compote.


5. Hawaiian Kimchi (Nani Kore @ F17)
Nani Kore is Hawaii’s first line of gourmet kimchi. Their kimchi is hand-made in small batches using over 20 different ingredients and only the freshest locally grown produce to create an intense and flavorful taste. They will be offering a variety of delectable items incorporating their unique Hawaiian kimchi:

– Pork Belly Kimchi Yakisoba:  Pork belly cooked with our Hand Made kimchi (which uses over 20 different ingredients) served on a bed of yakisoba noodles and drizzled with our house made sriracha aioli
Bacon Wrapped Korean Mochi: Korean style mochi wrapped with bacon.  It’s served with their house-made caramelized shoyu sauce.
Pork Belly Kimchi Sliders: Pork belly cooked with our Hand Made kimchi served between sweet Hawaiian rolls drizzled with guava sauce and mayo.
Soba Slider: Served like our sliders but you have the option to add noodles into your buns!

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Nani Kori 3

Pork Belly Kimchi Yakisoba
Pork Belly Kimchi Yakisoba
Pork Belly Kimchi Sliders
Pork Belly Kimchi Sliders

6. Fresh hand-pulled noodle as you order (China Tasty @ F11)
Slurp down some noodles with the freshest noodles you can get! China Tasty is introducing their authentic handmade noodles from Lanzhou, China! These fresh, mouthwatering noodles have been beaten and twisted to perfection on site and when you order. You will enjoy this delicious dish with a savory beef soup. The broth is made with over 20 herbal ingredients. It’s not only tasty, it’s healthy! China Tasty invites you to dine with them and taste for yourself the scrumptious delights of handmade noodles. After all, Lanzhou handmade noodles are name the Number 1 Chinese noodle.

Facebook | Wechat: chinatastywechatlogo

China Tasty

China Tasty2

7. Croquette/Korokke galore (OK Korokkay @ F25)
A korokke (croquette) is a Twinkie-shaped food roll, deep fried to perfection. By using only the freshest ingredients, they infuse our korokkays with familiar flavors like chicken pot pie, shepherd’s pie, spinach-artichoke, pizza, and this month’s featured item, the lobster mac & cheese. These savory pot pies come garnished with endless toppings such as gravy, spicy mayo, different cheeses, bacon, green onions, tomatoes, etc. They also have Japanese-style potatoes, and specialty mocktail drinks. More importantly, because of their commitment to ensuring the satisfaction and comfort of 626 Night Market patrons, they will happily offer a complimentary small thirst quencher with purchase of any food items as a temporary refuge from the hot summer sun.

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Shepherd’s Pie Croquette (Beef)
Truffle Lobster Mac & Cheese Croquette
Truffle Lobster Mac & Cheese Croquette


8. Bro Snicker Burgers (Myke’s Cafe @ F47)
Snickers + Burgers?! Their Bro Snicker Burger Slider is a delicious combination of a Snickers bar and bacon inside of a hamburger patty, topped with cheddar cheese, more bacon, lettuce, green apple, and our made from scratch honey habanero aioli. Where else are you going to say you got a Snicker Burger?

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Myke's Cafe

9. Live Sea Urchins on the Half Shell (Poppa’s Fresh Fish Company @ right NEXT to E28)

Say no more. GET IN MY BELLY!
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1. Adorable doggie bows by Bailey and Stitch @ B25
Add a little style to your pet’s life with these specially handcrafted bow ties and apparel by Bailey & Stitch Sewing Co!

Website | Etsy | Instagram



2. SUPER GOOD LUCK Stone Bracelet Bar by MaeMae Jewlery @ A28
MaeMae Jewelry is debuting their new Bracelet Bar, you pick 22-24 stones to go on a bracelet.  Every stone has a different meaning and energy that it carries. Once you pick the stones they string it for you and voillaaa, your very own SUPER GOOD LUCK stone bracelet!

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter



3. Incredibly soft and comfortable apparel with Gravity LA @ A20
Check out Gravity LA! Their Mens & Womens socks, beanies, pocket tees, tanks, jackets and pullovers are all so amazingly soft that you’ll never want to take it off. Go stop by their booth and feel it for yourselves!

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4.  Handmade squeal-worthy cuteness! (Audrey Miller @ A18)
Audrey Miller is a versatile artist from Laguna Niguel who loves creating colorful art and handmade items. She works in many different medias and enjoys experimenting with different art styles. She graduated from Laguna College of Art & Design in 2012 and now works professionally as a freelance artist taking on all kinds of projects from children’s book illustration to fashion accessory design. Check out her awesome and unique work online and in select stores in the Socal area!

Stores: Fan*Alley – Anaheim, CA , Layla & Lisette – Anaheim, CA, Home Economics – Anaheim, CA, Buy Hand – Laguna Beach, CA

Audrey Miller

5. Soft kissable lips with Mea Dulcia @ A26
Mea Dulcia creates handmade organic lip balm and lip scrubs for more softer kissable lips. They also donate to neurological disease research and awareness from their charity jars. Committed to more than just giving, Mea Dulcia makes an impact beyond handmade cosmetics.


6. Become a fan & attend world concert of wildly popular Taiwanese band SodaGreen with Juicy Music @ B40
Juicy Music powered by Point Entertainment has very strong connections to A-list Asian celebrities, but we always put our fans first! The only way to find out the real deal of a Juicy Music concert is to physically be at one. Our current event in North America: Sodagreen 2015 North America World Tour “ Hello Goodbye” is going to be that homecoming event you do not want to miss out. With the support from many American-based Asian companies, we are able to provide our customers with the opportunities to discover the latest trends in the community while celebrating Sodagreen’s 10 years of success with their first ever visit to North America.  We can’t wait to see you all at 626 Night Market on 8/7,8,9 and the Sodagreen 2015 North America World Tour “ Hello Goodbye” concert on 9/20 at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Sport Arena.

藉由在亞洲舉辦無數大型演唱會的經驗與各大藝人的良好關係,巨室音樂得以在北美提供粉絲們相同品質的演唱會,唯有親臨感受才可以體會巨室音樂演唱會的品。蘇打綠2015年北美巡迴演唱會“再遇見”,巨室將會與當地知名亞裔企業合作呈現多元化的感官饗宴,同時我們慶祝蘇打綠十多年的成功與他們的第一次來北美演出。你們愛蘇打綠,我們也愛蘇打綠,我們期待在8月7,8,9號626夜市與9月20號在Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Sport Arena 舉辦的演唱會與你們相見!

SodaGreen Facebook

Juicy Music: Website | Instagram | Wechat Official Account: 北美巨室


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