VIDEO: Dim Sum 101—How To’s & Etiquette

We’re back with another video!  How well do YOU know dim sum? We’ve partnered up with the 626 Foodettes to create a couple of “educational” videos on this popular Cantonese cuisine. Dim sum isn’t just a food, it’s a culture. Learn how to do dim sum right and pass this video on to your dim sum newbie friends!

626 Foodettes

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  1. Holly Nguyen says:

    Useful video! I didn’t know about the finger tapping when someone else pours you tea. What the video left out, however, is that during busy times dim sum restaurants are full of Asian people talking really loudly and it is okay to shout to make yourself heard to others are your table or to the waiter. I’ve seen people of other ethnicities look a little frightened as they sit at their table, glancing around furtively while eating in subdued silence lol.

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