Dish Spotlight: Belgian Royal Siphon Coffee

Hey guys! Kristie from The 626 Foodettes here and today’s Dish Spotlight is on the very cool Belgian Royal Siphon Coffee Maker from Taza Coffee in Arcadia.

The awesome painting outside.
The awesome painting outside.

Taza is a charming coffee house in Arcadia located within minutes from the Santa Anita Westfield and Racetrack.  Although Taza has some really unique pastries available on the weekends such as Miso Butterscotch Cookies, Spam Musubi and Mexicali Croissants, to name a few, the main star of the show is their Belgian Royal Siphon Coffee maker.

Belgian Royal Siphon Coffee maker.
Belgian Royal Siphon Coffee maker.

The balancing siphon is just fun sight to enjoy. It’s quite exciting to watch the balance lever drop as the coffee grounds bloom and trigger the lid of the water pot to close. Unfortunately, the entire process takes a bit of time to complete, but lucky for you I made a quick little video speed up the process.


Taza’s Belgium waffles are very tasty and not too heavy. I also ordered an affogato and hot chocolate as well.


The hot chocolate had a chocolate lollipop that melted inside the cup.

Taza is definitely for coffee connoisseurs. Personally, the coffee was a tad bit too strong for me. I’m sure you hardcore coffee drinks will love it. I, on the other hand, try to limit my coffee intake as I am turning into an old lady and can’t drink anything with too much caffeine past 2 P.M. or else I really jittery.

I had a blast just watching the siphon coffee maker.



11 W Huntington Drive, Arcadia


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