DIY Asian Mixology: Nutella Boba Milk Tea

How to make Nutella Milk Tea, aka #Bobatella

Let’s get creative!  In honor of the upcoming 626 Night Market events serving beer & spirits, we decided to collaborate with Boba 7 to create a series of DIY Asian Mixology videos!  Although this particular mix is non-alcoholic, we’re sure that Nutella Milk Tea will win over your hearts and tastebuds (if it hasn’t already).  Learn how to make your own today!

Lipton Tea
Coffee Mate
A Cocktail Shaker
Hot Water
Stirring Utensil


Step 1: Steep the Lipton tea for 3 minutes.  Then, let it chill.

Step 2: Put 2 tbsp. of Coffeemate into the cocktail shaker.

Step 3: Add 2 tbsp. of hot water and stir well.

Step 4: Scoop a “fat spoonful” (or two) of Nutella and mix it in with the milk.  Really, add as much Nutella as you’d like.

Step 5: Add Ice and Tea to the cocktail shaker.

Step 6: Shake!  Then pour into the cup with the boba in it.

Ta Da!  You have now created awesome.

We hope this inspires you to create your own version of Nutella Milk Tea at home and maybe even conjure up an original Asian mixology drink of your own!  If you decide to be so brave, post your pictures on Instagram and hashtag #BuildaBoba so we can see your creations.

Stay tuned for more DIY Asian Mixology videos on the 626 Night Market YouTube channel.  Thank you and have fun!

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