From Wantrapreneur to Entrepreneur


One of the most exciting aspects of working on the 626 Night Market is interacting with passionate and energetic people. I often speak to vendors excited about participating in our upcoming events. These are vendors who often have a good day job doing something far different than vending at an event. Why are they so excited?

They are excited because they took action to fulfill a dream of theirs. Like many of us, we want to be our own boss and have more control over what we do on a daily basis. This is commonly achieved by getting into business for yourself. Being a vendor at our event is an easy and inexpensive first step in achieving this goal. Yet, the rewards can be amazing. Top vendors gross over $15,000 over a two night weekend event and more importantly, validate their business idea and start building their brand.

The biggest hurdle is probably yourself. By not taking action to fulfill your dream–your dream remains exactly just that. I often tell our team, ideas are nothing without execution. I encourage each person to own up to and execute any great ideas that come out of their mouth. If they don’t, who will? Nothing is more frustrating than a good idea that dies because nobody took action to turn it into reality.

Great businesses aren’t built overnight but small actions can eventually build great businesses. Here’s a short article based on advice from marketing guru Seth Godin to help with getting in the right mindset to take action:

Maybe you too will decide to become a vendor at one of our summer events or apply for our Walk the Talk new vendor contest!

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