How To Spend Your Birthday In The 626

So it’s that time of year again: your birthday! And if you live in the 626, you know there are plenty of awesome things to do. But maybe the idea of having to plan out your own birthday celebration makes you get all “ughhh.” If so, don’t worry… because we’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

The following are some very humble suggestions on how to spend your birthday in the 626 with style and verve:

6:00pm – What better way to kick off your evening than with foot massages? At Harmony Day Spa, you can get your feet pampered like royalty until as [startlingly] late as midnight… but you’re going to do it early, because you have a long night ahead of you. In fact, at Harmony Day Spa’s website, they cite the numerous benefits of massage, one of which is apparently to “help athletes of any level prepare for strenuous workouts.” Get ready, “athletes.”
Also try: Master Wong’s Foot Clinic

How To Spend Your Birthday In The 626 Harmony Day Spa

7:00pm – In order to really be considered a success (read: keep everyone happy), birthday dinner venues should be substantively great but also have broad appeal. So you and your friends keep calm and nom nom at Abricott on Lake Ave., a Thai/Korean restaurant from the owners of Daisy Mint. The decor at Abricott is sort of Anthropologie-by-way-of-Silver Lake and the food is just as colorful; dishes of braised pork belly and yellow curry collide with croque-monsieur sandwiches and mussels provencale. If you have at least 8 people in your group, you can reserve the quirky cool private room in back.
Also try: Newport Tan Cang Seafood RestaurantBuca di BeppoGyu Kaku

How To Spend Your Birthday In The 626 Abricott

9:00pm – It’s time for dessert and your group heads west to the elegantly decorated POP Champagne & Dessert Bar on Union Street in Old Town. The dessert menu features regularly changing specials and souffles du jour, including a birthday cake souffle, and helpfully lists items which are gluten free and vegetarian, such as the delicious vanilla creme brulee.
Also try: YogurtlandMenchie’s21 ChoicesTea Station

How To Spend Your Birthday In The 626 POP Champagne & Dessert Bar

11:00pm – The night is still relatively young, so it’s over to Uncle Yu’s Indian Theme Restaurant for drinks, where you are immediately urged to shake off the cares of your week, as well as the political incorrectness of the servers dressed up as Pocahontas Pocahotties.  It’s a veritable land of milk and honey in here. If by milk you mean beer (and by honey you mean pig intestine). The “three flavor” chicken, fried street snacks and various skewers are hearty and the service is quick and attentive.
Also try: The Blind DonkeyRabbit Hole

How To Spend Your Birthday In The 626 Uncle Yu's Indian Theme Restaurant

12:30am – A couple of your friends take off, citing the fact that it is technically no longer your birthday. The rest of you assure them they are missing out (planning to demonstrate this via Instagram) and take things to the next level at Energy Karaoke in Alhambra. It’s sleek, clean, well-staffed and the rooms feature large touchscreens in place of the traditional songbooks. And there is a Hello Kitty room. Ladies and gentlemen, start your cameras.
Also try: K100 KTV

How To Spend Your Birthday In The 626 Energy Karaoke

2:00am – Not much is still open at this hour. But Tasty Garden to the rescue! You engage your remaining friends in late night discussions about life over clay pot rice and cantaloupe juice. By this point in the night, it’s possible you are also calling them your “real friends” and starting to get slightly worse at math.
Also try: IHOP

How To Spend Your Birthday In The 626 Tasty Garden

4:00am – Well, every birthday has to come to an end. And now you’re all tired and finally make the collective decision to call it a night and go home. Til next year!

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