Linsanity is taking over Pasadena!


In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, LINSANITY: THE MOVIE has been taking the nation by storm since it opened at select theaters throughout the country October 4th, including right here in the 626 at Monterey Park’s AMC Atlantic Times Square 14.

LINSANITY follows Jeremy Lin’s journey from a Palo Alto high school superstar to his incredible days at Harvard and finally the unwavering endurance to the NBA, highlighted by the record-breaking month that captivated the sports world around the globe — dubbed “Linsanity.” The documentary also delves into and explores the racial and cultural challenges Jeremy had to overcome along the way as an Asian American basketball player.

LINSANITY is continuing to hang tough in Monterey Park and for the folks in Pasadena, opening at Laemmle 7 today! It’s a movie that diehard Jeremy fans, basketball fans, and simply anyone who likes an inspiring story will enjoy. You might even spot my cameo. :’)

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