Picture Taipei Film Kickstarter + Teaser

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Hi everyone! This is Aileen (former spokesperson/video producer for 626NM). I’m beyond excited to share with you all a film that I worked on called Picture Taipei.

Picture Taipei Kickstarter


Picture Taipei is the story of Aimee, a typical L.A. girl working a 9-to-6 job to pay the bills. After quitting her dead end job and discovering that her boyfriend is cheating on her, Aimee decides to leave her past behind and go on an adventure. Aimee travels to Taipei, a city she has never been before, where the people and places she encounters begin to transform her life.

Picture Taipei Duo

Picture Taipei is about living an authentic life, about choosing what you want to do versus going through life by default. It’s about looking past everyday difficulties and finding beauty and meaning in the world around us, so that we can move forward in life with fresh eyes.

Through this film, we want to show people that Taipei is more than just milk tea and night markets; Taipei is an international city of endless creativity and an ideal place to find yourself and be yourself.


Our LA + Taiwan team have put so much LOVE into this project, and we’ve taken the film as far as we could on our own. We’ve finished filming, but that’s only halfway through the process. Now we need help raising finishing funds to complete our film and proceed to submit to film festivals.

Please support us by watching our teaser + contributing to our project on our Kickstarter page.

Thank you for all your support. May we all learn to see the beauty and meaning in the world, and live genuine and authentic lives!

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