Preview: DIY Asian Mixology with Boba 7

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I spent today shooting three fun DIY Asian Mixology videos with Elton of Boba 7 that will teach you all how to create amazing Asian-inspired mixed drinks at home!  Elton is considered a pioneer in Asian mixology and Boba 7 is the home to all of his unique alcoholic boba creations, his two most popular being Green Tea Heineken and Horchata Boba.  We thought it would be fun to ask Elton to teach us how to create our own fusion drinks at home—hopefully these videos will inspire you to create your own original concoctions!

The three drinks we’ll feature in this set of videos are: Nutella Milk Tea (non-alcoholic), Watermelon Boba Martini (or Boba-tini, as I’d like to call it), and Ginger Beer Soju with Green Apple Jelly.  (Photos from the 626NightMarket Instagram)

Nutella Milk Tea, aka #BobatellaNutella Milk Tea

Watermelon Boba Martini, aka #RedHerringWatermelon Boba Martini

Ginger Beer Soju (with Green Apple Jelly), aka #Wallady

Ginger Beer Soju

According to the number of Instagram likes (often an accurate indicator), it seems that Nutella Milk Tea is the people’s favorite out of the three.  Although I couldn’t deny the deliciousness of hazelnut-chocolate magic in milk tea, I have to say that my personal favorite was the Ginger Beer Soju w/ Green Apple Jelly!  Yes, it was my first time trying Ginger Beer (it’s non-alcoholic on its own, btw) and yes, I absolutely loved it.  Tastes like a mix of ginger ale and Sprite.  The kick of soju with the candy-sweet green apple jelly really brought this drink home for me.  Nonetheless, they’re all amazing and you all should try to make them (when the videos come out) and be your own judge!

Look out for the videos on the 626 Night Market YouTube:!

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