Romance of The Three Kitchens: Summer Clothes [Cold Sesame Noodles]


In EPISODE 31, Sarah wonders about the meaning of writing down a wish even if it never comes true, and makes cold sesame noodles, a Sichuan favorite for hot, sticky summer days.


Romance Of The Three Kitchens is Chinese food + storytelling.  The series started from the feeling that one thing our generation never inherited from our parents is the ability to cook Chinese food.  That led to creating this sort of hybrid art form to combine the cooking with storytelling.

In each episode, a host cooks a Chinese dish in their kitchen while sharing a story. The recipes are posted on the blog, along with foodie adventures and other curated content about Chinese cuisine.

626 Night Market has collaborated with Romance of the Three Kitchens to create three episodes around our upcoming summer events.  We hope you take the time to check them out & appreciate the beauty and art of Chinese cooking and storytelling in one medium.

Check out all the Romance of Three Kitchens videos (and subscribe) on their YouTube channel and share your own stories and photos on their Facebook page.

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