Sneak Peek of Awesome Offerings at May’s OC Night Market

With only a few days away from OC Night Market to kick off the year’s night market season, we’re very excited to see new delicious trend items incoming as well as returning food staples that makes 626 Night Market and OC Night Market events such a foodie heaven! Take a sneak peek at some food and merchandise delights for this upcoming OC Night Market (May 8-10):


1. Ice Cream Cones (Uniqcone located @E25) – First catching our attention from Korea, this unique specially designed ice cream cone is made out of 100% corn and filled with premium organic milk ice cream. It has arrived!!


2. Garlic Crab Fries (Sushi Studio Arts Poke Bar @ E21): We’ve been raving about these crab fries with garlic aioli ever since we tried it at Coachella. Now you and friends can get it again at OC Night Market events starting next weekend!


(photo credit: OC Weekly)

3. Coco Jack @ C19: Bringing us great new way to open & scoop coconuts this summer, this fun vendor recently graced television on Shark Tank (Who’s a Shark Tank fan here?) and landed a deal with Mark Cuban. Coco Jack opens fresh coconuts safely in seconds – no matter your size or strength. There is also a scoop to get nearly all the meat out in one scoop. Check them out and enjoy a fresh coconut as well!
Instagram: @thecocojack



4. Bacon Jerky (Banzai Jerky @ C24): Who doesn’t like bacon?! This long time vendor has been giving us sweet, sweet instant bacon since the beginning. Seriously, have some bacon. We’ve been stockpiling their yummy bacon jerkies for awhile now, so grab some before they run out.
Instagram and Twitter: @banzaijerky

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5. Dragon fruit ice cream wrapped in pomegranate cake shell, coated with tempura, and topped with kiwi sauce (Frach’s Fried Ice Cream Truck @ the food truck area by the Main Stage): Also another food vendor from Coachella, they will be selling their famous Red Dragon fried ice cream, as well as other flavors!  =O***
Instagram: @frachs



6. Fusion poutine fries (The Poutine Stand @ D13): What is poutine fries? It’s french fries + cheese curds + gravy, a Canadian classic that just hit our market. The Poutine Stand is a new food venture that’s putting a twist on the Canadian fast food classic. In addition to the classic elements of French fries, cheese curds, and gravy, The Poutine Stand takes inspiration from numerous Asian cuisines to create something completely new. One of their most popular dishes is the Little Saigon Poutine, which takes the Canadian classic and tops it with savory Vietnamese Shaken Beef, pickled onions, and a refreshing lime vinaigrette.
Instagram: @thepoutinestand



7. Whole Grilled Lobsters (Lobsterdamus @ D24): Whole… grilled… lobster. :O**
Instagram: @lobsterdamus

Grilled_Lobster(photo credit: Food Republic)


8. Croissant Donut Ice Cream (Melting Fire Croissant Ice Cream Sandwich @ E03): Croissant + Donut + Ice Cream 😀


9. Twice Cooked Pork Belly Buns (Twenty Eight Dine + Drink @ D02): Serving savory pork belly bites, this restaurant by Shirley Chung (Top Chef Season 11 finalist) is also selling Vietnamese coffee!




1. Crochet Gifts by Cielo @ A10: Cielo loves to crochet and make stuffed toys called amigurumi. She’s made all kinds of dolls, from Pokemon to Disney and everything in between, and even original characters. You can check out her products at:
Instagram: @CrochetGiftsbyCielo



2. Urban Geometry @ C09: Beautiful hanging air plants!




3. Chandler the Robot @ A09: Hand forged, unique, and jewelry from the heart.

Twitter: @chandlerrobot



4. Qamay @ C03: Qamay (pronounced as “Ka-mai”) comes from a Filipino word “Kamay”, meaning hand. These folks from San Francisco support products that are handmade from eco-friendly materials, promoting a lifestyle that is environmentally friendly, stylish and hip. All products are lovingly created by creative and skilled Filipino craftsmen.

Twitter: @qamaygreenmusic
Instagram: @qamaygreenmusic

BANNER5 copy

Holga-slider copy

5. Fantastic Fam @ C11: Cutest t-shirts ever! Fantastic Fam is about creating fun apparel and bringing people together! Find them at OC Night Market with new designs, new merchandise such as baby onesies, stickers and much more!




6. BonBliss @ C08: Started by a husband and wife team, BonBliss carries amazing self-crafted products. Inspired by luxury candy, their single-use hand & body scrubs provide the perfect amount of exfoliation whether at home or on-the-go. We were dragged over by other people raving about their hand scrub+moisturizer (Scrub 2 Go). We tried it and it made our hands so soft and silky that instantly rivaled a baby’s bottom. It’s wonderful. Try it!

unnamed (3)

7.  Milkyway @ C22: Their line of cell phone cases are killer, especially the intricate laser-etched wooden cases!
Instagram: @milkywaycases


8. Hulma @ A01: Hulma is all about handcrafted, keep-forever, everyday pieces that can be simply worn on their own or stacked together for a bolder effect, allowing the wearer to express their own personal style and character through accessorizing.



9. Baubles n Gems @ C21:

Give your Mom the gift of sparkle this Mother’s Day weekend! Baubles n Gems carries the latest and most unique designs in fashion jewelry from simple rings and bracelets to trendy, statement necklaces. We believe everyone deserves a little extra sparkle, so here’s something here for everyone. Tag them on Instagram or like their page on Facebook to receive a special discount!
Instagram: @baublesandgems





We hope you found a vendor or two you like on this list. You’ll discover more vendors like these at OC Night Market this weekend!

See the full list of vendors on the OC Night Market website.

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