The Making of the Giant Boba Cup: Experimenting with Boba 7 & Tea Bar Starry

Elton from Boba 7 and Danny from Tea Bar Starry have teamed up to help us create GIANT BOBAS and milk tea for our World’s Largest Cup of Boba Milk Tea. Get to know Elton & Danny, and watch as Danny shows us his handmade method on how to create the perfect giant boba balls (perfected after 2 weeks of experimenting and 20 attempts of trial and error)! Stay tuned for more vlogs on what’s going on behind the scenes in the making of the giant boba cup!

We will be unveiling the World’s Largest Cup of Boba Milk Tea THIS SATURDAY, August 3rd at 5PM at the 626 Night Market. We hope to see you all there!

More on the giant boba cup:

Video by Aileen Xu

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