The Sickest 626 DJ Event you will ever hear


“The sickest 626 DJ event you will ever hear” at the 626 Night Market in the Santa Anita Race Track this weekend (June 8th and June 9th).

These fine DJ Crews will be on 6 turntables all day giving everyone “eargasms” as you shop and eat.

We will have 2 special DJ crews who will put on a showcase.

Spincycle LA: DJ Eri (@SpinCycleLA)
Handroidz: IQ + Konfusion (@Handroidz)

There will be a demonstration of scratching and also a mini tutorial for those who are interested in the art of skratching.

A dance floor will be provided for those who want to boogie and show off their dance moves! Let’s see what you got, 626?!

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