Vendor Stories


The vendors that participate in the 626 Night Market range from freshmen to veteran, hip to traditional, and flamboyant to conservative. Unlike traditional Asian events, most of our vendors are young entrepreneurs that first heard about the 626 Night Market when we went viral about a year ago. How time flies.

One of our original vendors is a group of about a dozen good friends, the Kebab Brothers (and sisters). They specialize in Beijing style lamb skewers but their group members come from both China and Taiwan. They always barbecued together at bonfires or house parties with guests raving about their food. So they decided to try vending at our first event and were wildly successful. They’ve participated in each event since then and have partnered up with Hot Potato in Rowland Heights to barbecue on weekends.

Due to the popularity of lamb skewers at our events, we have several lamb skewer vendors to accommodate the demand. Yiran Grill is another original lamb skewer vendor from our first event that has done well and has also participated in every one of our events. A friendly family of grandparents, husband, and wife (now plus a baby) runs the business with a shop in Monterey Park right next to the Boiling Point. Their shop has enjoyed the exposure our events provide resulting in significantly increased business since they started over a year ago.

Mama Masubi, also an original vendor, specializes in meticulously hand crafted Masubi rolls. They often have the longest lines at our events but are increasing from one booth to three booths to meet demand and test out new offerings. Mama Masubi is a sister and brother team with more support staff comprised of family and friends. The success they’ve enjoyed at our events has validated their style of food and allowed them to consider the next steps in their growing business–catering and a brick and mortar store.

Another great family vendor team is Father’s Kernel. Growing up, their father always worked tirelessly to make ends meet despite low paying odd jobs or multiple layoffs. The recession didn’t help matters. The kids decided to help their father by becoming a vendor at our events. Their roasted corn off the cob and enjoyed in a cup with various seasonings has been well reviewed and they will continue their success at our events this summer. They will be one of several vendors featured in an upcoming issue of Sunset Magazine that will have a special piece on the 626 Night Market.

This is just a small subset of our various vendors. The 626 Night Market team really enjoys working with our vendors and watching them grow. We strive to provide personable service and support to everyone involved. We will have several workshops for vendors and networking mixers open to the public in the upcoming months. We look forward to meeting any and all prospective vendors, family and friend teams, or anyone just looking to network and get connected.

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