“Walk the Talk” New Vendor Contest

Walk the Talk vendor contest

While traditional Asian street food and various merchandise is the bread and butter of our event, we want to find entrepreneurs that have great ideas for new foods and products.

We’ve noticed that many of our younger vendors are trying their take at traditional recipes or improving upon existing products. We want to encourage this type of innovation by introducing the “Walk the Talk” new vendor contest.

Have a great idea for a food or product? Surely, your family and friends are getting sick of your cheap talk. It’s time to walk the talk.

The 626 Night Market would be nothing but cheap talk if we hadn’t tried to make the first one happen. Now, it’s the perfect proving ground for a new food or product. Let’s face it–if your idea won’t sell to 40,000+ people over a weekend event, you might have to go back to the drawing board.

Winner(s) will receive a free booth space to hock their wares, receive business and marketing advice from successful folks, marketing exposure, and some cash to start up their new business. A $2,000+ total value! With our growing network, you might just also find a shark to invest in your idea…

So if you think you or somebody you know has what it takes to compete with our 150+ vendors (some grossing over $15,000 per event), then apply now!

To enter, email info@626nightmarket.com with your pitch:

1. Detailed description of your food or product
2. How it is new and different than any other food or product
3. Why people at the 626 Night Market will love it
4. Pictures or any other suppporting materials
5. Deadline is March 31

The 626 Night Market team will choose finalists. The ultimate winner(s) will be decided by our Facebook fans. Write your pitch as if you are pitching to them!

For more contest information, please visit: http://626nightmarket.com/vendorcontest.html

Good luck!
Jonny C. Hwang
Founder, 626 Night Market

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