10 of the Most Anticipated Vendors for OC June 16-18, 2017

Who’s down for round 2? If you missed out on certain items last event, June 16-18 is your chance to get the one that got away! We also have many completely new vendors. Check out the most anticipated vendors for the weekend!

1. Mess Hall Canteen Drunken Sailor Ramen @messhallcanteen

Mess Hall Canteen Drunken Sailor Ramen
Mess Hall Canteen Drunken Sailor Ramen PC:@foodbeast

This will be Mess Hall Canteen’s first time at our events, so please welcome them to the Night Market fam! I’ve tried their Drunken Sailor Tots before at Street Food Tuesday in Cypress.  Its unbelievable list of ingredients includes lobster, snow crab, bacon, mac ‘n cheese, cheese sauce and masago aioli over tots. It was super heavy but delicious. Def something you gotta try at least once in your lifetime. What I haven’t tried yet is their Drunken Sailor Ramen with lobster, snow crab, bacon, cheesy ramen, masago aioli and nori. Sounds similar, but with ramen. I’m down to try anything ramen though, so looking forward to this!

2. The Dirty Cookie Ube Cookie Shot @thedirtycookieoc

The Dirty Cookie cookie shots
The Dirty Cookie cookie shots

The Dirty Cookie is a returning vendor from last year but weren’t at the last OC May event. They have cookie shots with limited edition designs such as Star Wars, Sesame Street or unicorns. The cookie shots and milk also come in different flavors and you never know which ones they will have available at the event. They did say that they are bringing the ube cookie shot and the s’mores topping, both of which I haven’t had before, so hopefully I can get my hands on one of those!

3. Drunken Cake Pops Cake Pops in any flavor @drunkencakepops

Drunken Cake Pops
Drunken Cake Pops PC:@theepisodiceater

I checked out new vendor Drunken Cake Pops at Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro, a handcraft marketplace hosted inside of a gigantic warehouse. Crafted is like Etsy on crack, but probably skews towards an older crowd compared to Unique LA. But anyway, Drunken Cake Pops has ALCOHOL in their cake pops. The alcohol content gets cooked out and leaves only the taste, but they still won’t sell to anyone who looks under 18. A little kid saw me eating the Midori with pistachio and topped with almonds and his mom had to tell him it had “medicine” in it to get him to stop wanting one lol.

Other flavors include the Red Wine Velvet (red velvet cake infused with red wine), the Lemon Drop Martini (lemon cake mixed with fresh citrus zest and a well-poured portion of vodka) and the Southern Gentleman (smooth Hennessy, whiskey, brandy, and southern comfort in a river of caramel and sea salt bound together in dark chocolate cake). I thought the alcohol flavor was pretty strong compared to other alcohol-infused desserts, which I like, so I really want to try more flavors!

4. Paella Paella Seafood Paella @paellapaella2017

Paella Paella seafood paella
Paella Paella seafood paella

Paella Paella is a completely new vendor. Paella is a Spanish rice dish prepared over an open fire using only high quality ingredients such as bomba rice and saffron. Sounds super different from the usual Night Market fare, so it’s great to see more diversity in our vendors’ offerings! I’ve only had paella at popular restaurant Eat Chow in Costa Mesa that was hella bomb so I’m curious how this will turn out. Paella Paella will offer a seafood and a meat paella.

5. Pengo Drink Station Split Cup Drinks in Unicorn Floaty @pengodrink

Pengo Drink Station
Pengo Drink Station Split Cups in a Unicorn Floaty

Another new vendor, Pengo sent me a photo of their split cup drink in a unicorn floaty. Split cups came from Asia and only became a thing in the U.S. since like last year and the unicorn/rainbow food trend is still in full force so they’re totally taking advantage of trends. One of the drinks pictured is thai green tea and special milk tea, the other is mango lemonade and strawberry lemonade. The kicker is that the floaty lights up! I’m not exactly sure what is in the special milk tea but that mango lemonade is calling my name.

6. Sushi Sweets @sushisweetsdesserts

Sushi Sweets
Sushi Sweets

Is it sushi or is it candy?! Brand new vendor Sushi Sweets makes these from scratch, including their own vanilla extract. A moist cake center is wrapped inside a smooth, silky buttercream layer and dipped in crunchy dark chocolate. Flavors include Chocolate Chocolate, Strawberry, Key Lime, Peanut Butter, PB&J, PB & Snickers and Vanilla. They look very fancy and are probably gourmet. I would probably want to get at least the Chocolate Chocolate and Strawberry. The sushi sweets are literally eye candy and I can’t wait to try one!

7. Liam’s Lemonade & Roasted Corn Uni-Corn @liamslemonaid

Liam's Lemonade & Roasted Corn
Liam’s Lemonade & Roasted Corn Uni-Corn PC:@tanayas.table

I saw Liam’s Lemonade at our media preview event before OC May but didn’t get to try their corn. A second concept from Hawaiian/Filipino fusion vendor Fist of Fusion (@fistoffusionislandgrill), their Uni-Corn is a dazzling sight to behold. If you need a defining food photo for your IG for 2017, this is it! They will also have the Dorito-lote and Flaming Elote.

8. Tum Zap Mango Sticky Rice @tumzap626

Tum Zap Mango Sticky Rice
Tum Zap Mango Sticky Rice PC:@_fallenroses_

Tum Zap was at our last event with gigantic split cup BUCKETS. They had Thai iced tea, Thai iced coffee, organic green tea, or coconut juice to put into your bucket. It wasn’t until later that I saw someone post on IG that they also had mango sticky rice, which I love but haven’t had in years, so I’m definitely going back for that! Mango sticky rice is a traditional Thai dessert made with glutinous rice, fresh mango and coconut milk. Tum Zap will also have papaya salad and Thai pancake cake rolls. Excited to have this vendor at the event!

9. Rolling Pho spring rolls @rollingpho

Rolling Pho spring rolls
Rolling Pho spring rolls

Rolling Pho is a new concept from Nitrolado Ice Cream (@nitrolado) with PHO x SPRING ROLLS. The pho rolls are house special marinated pork or beef rolls with salad and special non-spicy avocado sauce. The wrapper is dyed with 100% natural color from vegetables and roots. The dye for the purple roll is red cabbage and the red one is from beet root and looks extremely colorful. Looks promising!

10. Matcha Perfect matcha parfait @matchaperfect

Matcha Perfect matcha parfait
Matcha Perfect matcha parfait

Plenty of people are obsessed with matcha. I’ll eat anything matcha flavored! I also love ice cream. New vendor Matcha Perfect serves up the best of both worlds with their premium Japanese inspired ice cream parfaits. I see Fruity Pebbles, mochi and ice cream. They also said that all orders come with 23 karat edible gold. Looks like a cute little dessert to complete anyone’s meal!

More new vendors:

Kings Cup fruit juice, deep fried chicken, cotton candy
Foody Lab banana roll, Taiwanese fried wonton shrimp, avocado bacon, soybean cake, ginger pudding
CocoLabs coconuts and agua frescas
Porchetta Republic porchetta sandwiches, Italian sodas @porchettarepublic
Market 2 Plate pasta, lobster ravioli, pasta fries, s’mores pasta, icy lemon drinks @market2plate
MaMae’s Cooking philly cheesesteak, chicken cheese steak, fries and lemonade @mamaescooking
Irvine Cafe kabobs: ground beef, ground chicken, filet mignon, boneless chicken @irvinecafe
Oyster Rawr raw oysters @oysterrawr
Cajun House cajun alligator meat, frog legs, gumbo, garlic noodles @cajun_house
Hot Star Fried Chicken giant fried chicken cutlet @hot_star_us
Grenade Zone tea in grenade glass bottles
Bulba squashed squid, shrimp crispy cake, milk tea
Tidbit rose shaped ice cream
An Choi Banh Mi Vietnamese fusion @anchoico

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