7 Crazy Containers to Eat and Drink Out of at the Final 626 Night Market

What do watermelon shells, boats, and light bulbs all have in common? They’ve all been used as containers for boba milk tea, shaved ice, musubi and more at the 626 Night Market and OC Night Market this season! Check out which vendors are using different items to carry their food and drinks this season:

  1. Shrimp Daddy (@eatshrimpdaddy)

This Los Angeles-based vendor brings the taste of Hawaii to California with their garlic butter shrimp. Though their sides can be purchased separately, Shrimp Daddy is well-known for their pineapple boat with garlic shrimp, rice with furikake, macaroni salad, and pineapple with li-hing powder. Customers have the choice of enjoying their shrimp with or without garlic.


The Bonks Lab (@thebonkslab)

Swing by The Bonks Lab for some Filipino-inspired drinks! Equipped with test tubes and staff dressed in goggles and lab coats, The Bonks Lab fuses traditional Filipino flavors like champarado, ube, and calamansi into their modern menu, serving all drinks in plastic pouches that look like oversized Capri Suns. Their drinks range from the popular classic, Oh My Buko (buko pandan), or some of their own creations like Kalaman-tea (calamansi juice and iced tea).

  1.  Chilly Ribbons (@chilly_ribbons)

Chilly Ribbons is making snow happen in Southern California! Instead of crushed ice, Chilly Ribbons’ shaved snow has a thin, ribbon-like texture with a consistency similar to cotton candy. All treats comes with different toppings like mochi, lychee, and condensed milk, and are served in a watermelon bowl!

  1. Sunday Cafe

If you didn’t eat your daily serving of fruits when you were little, here’s your chance to redeem yourself! Sunday Cafe served HUGE baby bottle drinks filled with fresh melon balls and all-natural agua frescas of either pineapple, watermelon, or strawberry.

  1. CoCoLabs (cocolabs.la)

We got another science-themed vendor! CocoLabs serves several different agua frescas like cucumber mint and watermelon in coconut shells and test tubes, along with “reactants” (fruit flavorings) to change both the color and taste of the drink!

  1. What Floats Ur Boat (@whatfloatsurboat_626)

What Floats Ur Boat is a family start-up who serves extraordinary musubi flavors like spicy salmon poke with Hot Cheetos, bulgogi, and avocado with chipotle bacon, along with seasonal items. Musubis can be purchased separately or in a boat with one musubi of each flavor!

  1. Bulba (@bulba626)

One of our newest vendors, Bulba, is lighting up the event with their light bulb drinks! As if their menu wasn’t wild enough with their burgers (charcoal angus burgers and fried oyster and shrimp burgers!) they’re popular for their fruit slushies and boba milk teas served inlightbulbs. Each drink has a mini bulb is attached which lights up the drink when it gets late at night


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