10 Top Vendors to Watch at 626 Night Market June 30-July 2, 2017

After opening the 2017 season with two successful OC Night Market events in Costa Mesa, 626 Night Market is BACK! Here are a few highlighted vendors but don’t forget to check the full vendor directory to plan your trip!

1. Sweet n’ Hollow Chimney Cone with Ice Cream @sweetnhollow

Sweet n' Hollow Chimney Cake with Ice Cream
Sweet n’ Hollow Chimney Cone with Ice Cream PC:@nonstopeats

Sweet n’ Hollow is the first company to bring chimney cones to Los Angeles! This deliciousness is a dessert that hails from Eastern Europe. A strip of yeast dough is wound onto a thick wooden spit, rolled in granulated sugar and then baked. This twist on the traditional sweet can add ice cream or Nutella and other toppings such as Cinnamon Sugar, Coconut, Oreo Crumbs, Peanuts, or Butterfingers. The inside of the chimney cones is soft with a slightly crunchier texture on the outside and if you add ice cream or Nutella it just all melts in your mouth like HEAVEN! You’ll be able to watch the Sweet n’ Hollow team hand-craft each and every chimney cone.

2. Evan’s Smokehouse Ribs

Evan's Smokehouse Baby Back Ribs
Evan’s Smokehouse Baby Back Ribs

New vendor Evan’s Smokehouse placed in a national BBQ contest in Texas last week and was featured on The Food Channel. Their St. Louis ribs, baby back ribs and pulled pork sandwich are LEGIT. St. Louis ribs are larger and meatier in comparison to the smaller and more tender baby back ribs.  They start off as the fattier spare ribs but are trimmed down to a rectangular shape and more uniform appearance that’s easier to cook and eat, best cooked low and slow. Evan’s Smokehouse will also have coleslaw and corn to round out your meal. Perfect for the Fourth of July weekend!

3. The Bonks Lab Filipino Drinks in Pouches @thebonkslab

The Bonks Lab Filipino Drinks in Pouches
The Bonks Lab Filipino Drinks in Pouches

The Bonks Lab is a classic Night Market favorite and will debut a few new flavors! If you’ve ever seen their setup, their booth concept is that of a mad scientist’s laboratory.  Their staff wear long white lab coats and mix the drinks in beakers before pouring into and serving in giant sized pouches. Even their menu is designed to look like elements on the Periodic Table! Flavors include the KALAMAN-TEA, MANILA MANGO, BUKO PANDAN, CHAAMPS, UBE and COCONUT.

4. The Chori-Man Red or Green Chorizo Tacos @thechoriman

The Chori-Man Red or Green Chorizo Tacos
The Chori-Man Red or Green Chorizo Tacos PC:@theoffalo

Featured in Eater LA and LA Weekly, The Chori-Man will bring their artisanal chorizo tacos to our event! Their chorizo, or spiced pork sausage, is made of quality meats and spices. They spice their own vinegars and grind spices fresh for each batch. Looking forward to this!

5. Kohk & Sahk Any of their jerkies @kohkandsahk

Kohk & Sahk Lao Delicacies
Kohk & Sahk Lao Delicacies

The literal translation of Kohk & Sahk (pronounced kouk and sock) is “mortar and pestle.” They will bring their premium Lao delicacies such as their Spicy Beef loaded with black pepper and red chili flakes, Heavenly Beef with pepper and sesame seeds, Spicy Pork made of tender pork slices infused in a peppery marinade and Heavenly Pork. Kohk & Sahk will also have their Plantain Chips and Taro Chips.

6. Crescendo Cafe Ube Crazyshake @crescendoicecream

Crescendo Ice Cream Ube Crazyshake
Crescendo Ice Cream Ube Crazyshake PC:@fooodisgoood

Crescendo started off with 3 friends who regularly performed music for their church and decided to make Singaporean style ice cream served with a sweet bread, but with a twist–liquid nitrogen. The names of their nitro ice creams are often musically inspired such as their Pinkolo with pink pandan ice cream or Cha Cha Matcha with matcha ice cream and oreos. They often collab with indie artists, printing their Youtube channels on the ice cream cups and last year even arranged an open mic in front of their booth.

Crescendo will open a second booth at the 626 June event for the first time called Crescendo Cafe, serving Cream & Chips, which is liquid nitro ice cream with a side of fries, Heaven Breath nitro treats, ice cream in coconuts, and crazy milkshakes like the Ube Crazyshake pictured.

7. Chick n’ Skin Fried Chicken Skin @chicknskin

Chick n' Skin Fried Chicken Skin
Chick n’ Skin Fried Chicken Skin

The tastiest thing you can do with a chicken is fry its skin. First-time vendor Chick n’ Skin will offer deep fried chicken cracklings that are hand tossed in different flavored seasonings such as Tom Yum, Larb, Chinese Salt and Pepper, BBQ Bacon and Cheddar Cheese. I tried the original chicken skin and hated myself for eating something so unhealthy. Then I tried it dipped in cheese sauce, and it was actually pretty tasty. It was difficult to stop popping them into my mouth. And then I tried the Cheddar Cheese chicken skin with the cheese dip and it turned into a full-on ADDICTION. Find them this weekend and ask them to “Skinny Dip” 😉.

8. WORKAHOLICUSA Korean Mandu @workaholic_usa

Workaholic USA Korean Mandu
Workaholic USA Korean Mandu PC:@foodieonfleek

The rainbow food trend is still in full force and Workaholic will bring out their gourmet Korean mandu, or dumplings. Originally meant to be a quick meal for Korean school kids and subway riders, Workaholic’s colorful versions use all natural dyes such as spinach, beets and paprika to achieve their bright hues. The menu will have Beef Bulgolgi, Coconut Chicken Curry, Spicy Pork and Kimchi, Shrimp and Garlic, and Hot and Spicy Chicken. They received quite a lot of hype earlier this year when they debuted at Smorgasburg, so this is definitely a vendor to anticipate!

9. Oyster Rawr Grilled Oysters @oysterrawr

Dat bubbling. Check out these grilled oysters with garlic butter, parsley and parmesan cheese from new vendor Oyster Rawr! They will also have raw and grilled oysters, grilled scallops and fried soft shell crab.

10. Thai-Mex Cocina 3 Amigos

Thai-Mex Cocina 3 Amigos
Thai-Mex Cocina 3 Amigos

Ever had Thai and Mexican fusion? Check out this food truck Thai-Mex Cocina with amazingly robust bursts of flavor in their tacos with spicy garlic shrimp, chicken satay, crispy pork, Thai noodles, fried rice, quesadillas, Thai tea and Horchata Boba. Pictured is their “3 Amigos” with the spicy garlic shrimp taco, chicken satay taco and crispy pork taco. Catch them and all the rest of the vendors this weekend!

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