OCNM: Cooking Demos by Marina Chung, Ronnie Woo, Luther Chen

OC Night Market, our last night market of the year, is happening this weekend on October 10-12 at OC Fair & Events Center. We are happy to announce that we will be hosting cooking demonstrations on Sunday, 10/12 at 4-6PM featuring three talented chef personalities: Marina Chung, Ronnie Woo, and Luther Chen. Learn about the chefs below…

MC Jin… MC Who? (VIDEO)

Do you know who MC Jin is? MC Jin went around the 626 Night Market as “Ty Rone” to ask people about MC Jin and convince them that he is a better rapper. Watch as he interviews some clueless attendees, does some major MC Jin bashing, and drops some hilarious flows with guest beatboxer EVMB….