Cafe Dulce’s 2 Year Anniversary

By Tuesday Night Project Co-Curator/Administrator, Sean Miura

Little Tokyo is not just a shopping district.

It is a home, it is a history book, but above all else it is a community. It was a Japanese ghetto when we weren’t allowed to live elsewhere, a thriving neighborhood after WWII, an activist training ground during the Movement, and has always and continues to be a place of resistance.

Japanese corporations demolished buildings our grandparents lived in during the 70s, so we made them subsidize low income housing. The City tried to push a jail on us, so we organized and stopped it. Metro is trying to rip up second street, one of our main arteries, and we remain in meetings with them to find an alternative.

So whenever a new business comes in, we get nervous. Will they see themselves as part of a community? Do they support community preservation? Will we like the food?

Enter Cafe Dulce.

Like the century plus of homegrown businesses that have made Little Tokyo what it is, from the start owner James Choi has donated valuable time and resources to support the community. His staff is consistently friendly and the coffee/food…oh man. Viet iced coffee and a tapioca chewy roll, I’m just saying. And the bacon donuts. And the sandwiches. All of it. There is a reason why you see Cafe Dulce cups all over Jtown.

I know I’m not just speaking for myself when I say how personally thankful I am for all Dulce has done to bring folks into JTown and to provide a model for future community-oriented businesses.

SUPPORT LOCAL COMMUNITY BUSINESSES! Starbucks is doing just fine, I assure you, and Starbucks coffee is much worse. Like a lot worse. This Saturday, Cafe Dulce is part of Little Tokyo Roots’ Restaurant & Bar Crawl and this SUNDAY they are celebrating their 2nd anniversary! Check em out!

Be sure to visit one of our vendors, Cafe Dulce, this Sunday, April 7th, for their 2 year anniversary and to get a discounted latte.  Also stop in before the date to submit your idea for a new donut hole and get a chance to win some cool merchandise.  Support your small businesses and support your community.

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