Fourth of July’s 626 Night Market Sneak Peek!

Hello 626!

After a wildly successful run at Orange County, we are roaring back to our hometown in the 626 for another three events this summer! This time we have many more delicious new food offerings, more entertainment, more merchandise for your pleasure.

Heavyweights that made their mark at OC Night Market last month will be in 626 selling at July’s Night Market: Contra Coffee’s nitrogen coffee and teas, Poutine Stand’s fusion fries, Ridges Churro Bar’s crispy churros with creamy ice cream, Foodbeast Presents’s unique ramen donuts (ramnuts) and spaminal fries, Sushi Studio Arts garlic crab fries, pho tacos and refreshing poke, Mu’s Lobster Rolls and their lobster bisque, UniqCone’s naughty ice cream cone, Samurai Burrito’s sushi burritos and bowels, Frach’s Fried Ice Cream’s multilayered fried ice cream, and the original Ramen Burger! Swing by early if you want a chance to try their items.

Now on to a sneak peek of yummies for July Night Market (July 3~5) at Santa Anita Racetrack:

1. Shark Tacos, Spicy Cajun Frog Fries, Crunchy Fried Chicken Feet, Maple Bacon Cotton Candy and more! (LA Culinary @ F3)

An exclusive experience of exotic meats and savory flavors from around the world. Prepare your taste buds for something new!  Get barbaric with fresh shark tacos, spicy cajun frog fries, crunchy fried chicken feet, porky pork puffy poofs, and maple bacon cotton candy! La Sriracha Racha (mexican sriracha) of LA Culinary proudly presents Chef Abe Hwang of BRD foods.

Shark Tacos
Crunchy Fried Chicken Feet on a bed of greens and spicy cream sauce
Porky Pork Poofy Puffs with La Sriracha dry rub
Spicy Frog Fries
Maple Bacon Cotton Candy with smoked Bacon Bits


2. Grilled Pork Feet Skewers (Dong Ting Chun @ F14)

Dong Ting Chun (D.T.C) is debuting their super tasty, chewy, and a little spicy grilled pig feet! One bite of their grilled to perfection pig feet made with their secret recipe spice and you’ll be hooked. Along with the tasty pig feet they also have grilled saury and grilled enoki mushroom, and their famous beef rice noodle, topped with cucumber, peanuts, pickled long beans and secret sauce.


3. Cookies & Cream liquid NITROGEN infused ice cream blended with dragon fruit passion tea (Crescendo Ice Cream @ F5)

Experience a sweet twist on Singaporean style ice cream bread found in South East Asia’s street cart vendors. Crescendo Ice Cream offers liquid nitrogen infused ice cream treats with exotic tea blends. Their ice cream sandwiches are served in modern simplicity with a thoughtful vision. You can discover an Indie musical artist right in the palm of your hands as our cups display names of artists they have partnered with and proudly support.

COOKIE CAJON: Cookies & Cream liquid nitrogen infused ice cream blended with dragon fruit passion tea
BABY GRANILLA: Vanilla Bean liquid nitrogen infused ice cream blended with dragon fruit passion tea
COCOA-COUSTIC:  Chocolate liquid nitrogen infused ice cream blended with dragon fruit passion tea

Instagram: @CrescendoIceCream


4. Eel Rice Burger & other Umami Seafood Rice Burgers; Ramen Salad (Azuma Foods @ D16) 

Their delectable umami seafood burgers harmonize perfectly on their toasted rice bun. The premium salmon and tuna burgers were a hit at last year’s J-POP Food Summit in San Francisco. This year they are debuting their new anago kabayaki/eel filet rice burgers. Each burger can be customized with a sriracha mayo, wasabi mayo, or a sweet teriyaki sauce. On top of that, each umami burger order comes with a complementary side of their famous Azuma Foods seaweed salad. Also check out their unique Ramen Salads.

Website | Facebook



5. Oxtail Dog, Pork Sisig Dog and more (Belly & Snout @ F28)

The Oxtail Dog, or kare kare dog, is a testament to meaty goodness. Peanut braised oxtail, cilantro, cotija cheese and crema dress an all beef hot dog, in a boston-style bun. The result of the low-and-slow braise yields a tender oxtail meat that is rich with unbelievable peanut flavor and pays true respect to the filipino dish, from which it is based.

The Pork Sisig Dog is the unofficial pulutan, or snack, of the philippines. it is a combination of pork parts, such as ear, cheek, belly and snout, that is sautéed with garlic, vinegar and aromatics. it is then draped over a grilled hotdog and topped with green onion, radish, pickled red onion, a fried egg and chicharron.

Chef Warren Almeda takes a stroll down memory lane, in this homage to his childhood favorites. drawing from his affections for fast food and love for his mother’s traditional filipino cooking, Chef Warren has taken the American staples of hot dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, tater tots & french fries and tuned them on their head, merging them with filipino dishes such as adobo, longanisa and pork sisig, a pan fried delight made from seasoned pork parts like (you guessed it) belly & snout!

Facebook | Yelp | Twitter | Instagram: @bellynsnout

belly snout

6. The “Meat Hook” (Meat District Co. @ F33)

Meat District Co’s meat hook is known in other parts of the world as an “espetada” or hanging kebab or meat on a skewer. They are proud to introduce this unique dish and way of dining. Their dish is 10oz of succulent Harris Ranch New York, Rib Eye and Petite Fillet, with bell peppers, onions and corn on the cob with creamy pepper sauce. Served with fries and garden salad. Their chicken hook has 10oz of delicious hanging free range chicken breast and thigh!

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram: @meatdistrictco

20140710-Casa di Nico - Selected Images-035 mdc_shoot-238

7. Shaved snow on whole diced watermelon: Watermelon BOMBS (Chilly Ribbons @ Section C)

Made especially at the Chilly Ribbons, this whole half-watermelon with delicious shaved snow on top will cool you and your friends down STAT.


unnamed (2) (1)

**NSFW** D-Cakes (Yummy Hero @ F9)

First made famous in Taiwan, these controversial *ahem* cakes has made its way to our night markets last year. Yummy Hero is making it with two fillings: filled with Savory Nutella or Red Bean with condensed milk dribbled on top. What can you say, everything tastes better at night.. MARKET. Instagram at your own risk!



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