VIDEO: Boba Breakfast at Elton’s

Do you want boba with that? Oh yes. Today, we are expanding the horizons of the boba we thought we knew so well. These delicious little treats are pushing their limits and proving to us that they are more versatile than we’ve ever imagined. Our verdict after making & EATING everything in this video? BOBA. GOES. WITH. EVERYTHING. All hail this multi-talented tapioca! Teehee.

Special thanks to Elton Keung, Boba 7
Elton a.k.a. @Labobatory is the boba master of Boba 7 & Boba 8. Find them at the upcoming 626 Night Market events this summer!

Produced by: Aileen Xu
Shot/Edited by: Tiger Souvannakoumane
Shot by: Christian Soriano
Special Thanks: Dorothy Dang

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Fri, May 9: 3pm-12am
Sat, May 10: 3pm-12am
Sun, May 11: 3pm-9pm
@ OC Fairgrounds

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Fri, June 20: 4pm-12am
Sat, June 21: 4pm-12am
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Fri & Sat, August 15 & 16: 4pm-1am
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