Video Contest Winners!

Wow.  There is so much talent in the 626 community.  A couple months ago, we decided to throw a video contest for aspiring filmmakers in the community.  Today, I am happy and proud to announce our top five winners in the contest!  All of the entries were equally creative and unique in their own way, but these five stood out above all the rest to the 626 Night Market team.  They made us laugh, cry, and ogle at some beautiful cinematic shots (and the food porn, of course).

Watch the winning short films below.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!  Additional info, credits & website information are in the YouTube video descriptions – please take the time to check out and support your favorite filmmakers!

1st Place:  “Frames” – Jason Ted Chang

2nd Place:  “Day 18” – Shaun Su

3rd Place:  “Be Like Boba” – William Wang

4th Place:  “Dragon Ball in 626” – Peter Wu

5th Place:  “These Steps” – Christian Soriano

Thank you to everyone who submitted to our video contest this year, and congratulations again to our winners!!

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  1. Frankie says:

    I watched thre steps first, just now, that was great! What else does the 6-2-6 night market have instore for me?

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